About Me


Fabric and sewing have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child growing up I remember making doll clothes with my mom.  That evolved into making garments as a teenager then crafts and home dec items as an adult. Along the way I discovered quilting and through the years quilting has remained my passion.

While I tend to favor traditional block patterns, Civil War reproduction fabrics and quilts with a scrappy look, all things quilting and quilt related intrigue me. Most of my quilts are hand quilted because I like the way the finished product looks, I find the process soothing and I’ve never quite gotten the hang of quilting by machine – though I like that look too.

Over the past few years my focus has been on smaller quilts and wall hangings. Small quilts are appealing because there are so many possibilities and opportunities for creative expression – with a little time and a bundle of fat quarters or a basket of scraps, there is always another quilt to make!