Welcome to My Small Quilts – a site all about making small quilts.  Here you will find photos, tips, information, resources and, perhaps, inspiration to make a small quilt or two of your own.  Whether you are a beginning or experienced quilter, or not a quilter at all I hope you enjoy my small quilts!


What is a small quilt?

That’s a little fuzzy.  I have not found a universal definition for small quilt other than ‘there is a difference between small quilt and miniature quilt’ and ‘not every small quilt is a miniature quilt’.  The American Quilters Society Paducah 2013 Quilt Contest rules define small wall quilt as ‘width 30” to 60”; length 30” or more’ and miniature quilt as ‘width no more than 24”; length no more than 24”’ and ‘all aspects of the quilt are reduced in size’. Some of my quilts fit the criteria for miniature quilt and others fit the criteria for small quilt but since I’m not making quilts to enter in contests, for the purposes of this site a small quilt is anything from a doll quilt to a table topper to a wall hanging.  To me, a small quilt is enchanting and engaging; we want to look more closely, marvel, touch, imagine and ultimately make one just like it for ourselves.


Why make make a small quilt?

There are many reasons to make a small quilt.  Making a small quilt allows you to:

  1. Use up those scraps and leftovers or that charm pack you bought and don’t know what to do with
  2. Experiment with color value and placement, throw in some ‘uglies’ and see what happens
  3. Try a new ruler, gadget or construction technique
  4. Try a different quilting method (hand quilt if you normally machine quilt and vice versa)
  5. Complete a project fairly quickly

And all without investing a huge amount of time, space or money, perhaps using just what you have on hand (though who can resist buying a few more fat quarters or another charm pack?).  Another great thing, if you aren’t pleased with the way the quilt is turning out, there is little guilt about trashing a couple of blocks and starting over or adding the whole thing to the UFO box.


What can you do with a small quilt?

  1. Give one as a gift, hand crafted items are so appreciated.
  2. Hang small quilts on walls individually or in groups. I have 5 hanging in my laundry room – they add much needed color to a white room with white appliances, making it almost a pleasure to do laundry.
  3. Use under a centerpiece on a table or under a vase or photo on a shelf.  You can have one for each season and every holiday.
  4. Place several in a basket or on a doll bed to display and just admire.

There are endless ways to display, share and enjoy small quilts, but beware, while making small quilts is liberating and fun, it is also addictive!